15 Jan, 2013 Malaga

We were last here in 2007 with the Celebrity Century. That time we took a tour to the incredible caves in Nerja. This time we wandered the city instead.

Malaga is a 10 minute walk from the cruise terminal but we used the shuttle bus to save effort, expecting to do a lot of walking. Besides looking for good photo ops we were looking for 3 wool shops provided by port lecturer Claudia. The first one was actual a yarn and regalia shop so we set off for the next one.



The downtown is mostly pedestrian only and is a maze of lane ways, alleys and wide streets at all angles to each other. Large and small squares show up suddenly as you walk. We head up Molina Lario and pass a huge Cathedral. The yard next door has orange trees and old bell hangers on display. We kept walking north until we reached Plaza del Siglo. A lovely view awaited us there as well as a wonderful array of cafes, leather and clothing shops. Pat visited a few but even with good prices nothing sprung out to say Buy Me.

IMGP3696 IMGP6452


We turned left and arrived at Plaza de La Constitucion. A large plaza, there is a lovely fountain there. The Marques de Larios feeds into here, a wide pedestrian street. Nearby is wool shop #2 in a lane (Cinco Bolas) off Nueva. And Pat hits the mother lode! Lanas Cinco Bolas is a small shop, she takes a number (91) and waits from #70. In the meantime Pat has time to peruse the wide selection. Gerrit meets several husbands who are also waiting. One older gentleman points at my Pentax and gives a thumbs up Smile €65 later and Pat has a large shopping bag full of wool.

IMGP3704 IMGP3706
IMGP3712 Wool! Tiny lane near Place de Constitucion

We wander to a small plaza at San Juan church and take a look at a shop that sells only slippers. More wandering and we end up on Marques de Larios again to eat some baguettes with cappuccino while people watching. We decide to go through a few alleys and find even more cafes as well as shops selling religious figurines, e.g. for nativity scenes. A pastry shop beckons and we succumb to buying some to eat on the ship.

Slippers only in this store IMGP3720
IMGP3731 Excellent pastries


We go past the Catedral again and end up at the Roman Theatre on Alcaza Billa. Nearby is an old fort as well. It is time to head back to the bus stop along the gorgeous Paseo del Parque. The parks along that street took 20+ years to create. It is full of fountains, large variety of trees and plants and statues. Well worth a peaceful wander.

IMGP3737 IMGP6483
IMGP3690 IMGP6438

The winds are extremely strong and so the ship needs help from a tug boat to turn around to leave the harbour. Fishing boats come in from the sea with a scary number of sea gulls buzzing them.

IMGP3760 IMGP3770

Tonight Mark Oberon, the only Englishman who took gold in magic competition performed for us. He is a truly amazing and gifted artist. He guessed the card Pat was thinking off and also the colour of the ball in her hand.

A wonderful day, lots of walking and a good stash of wool and great entertainment to top it all off. What else can one ask for.



15 Jan, 2013 Malaga — 5 Comments

  1. I went to Malaga once, when I was about 15years old. Lovely to see these photos. Brings back nice memories. Beautiful pictures.

    Glad to see Pat found a wool shop 🙂

  2. Looks like you two had a ball in Malaga 🙂 (of wool a least!)
    Pat in her element 🙂 Great..
    Lovely city by the looks of it, and I have noticed a theme developing on this trip..Buns and lots off them!
    How come in Spain you find the bakery with lots of buns and signs all in English?

    Malta next!

  3. Malta..well nearly next!
    forgot your have Tunis first!
    Confusing this! when I am looking at the Rotterdam parked in Valletta Harbour on AIS and commenting about Malaga……Duh!!!!!!

  4. Who needs to visit these places – you guys paint such wonderful pictures with words!! – to say nothing of the photos. Thank you for my armchair travel!!
    Laura arrives Mon am
    Love from me

  5. Hi Pat+Gert
    You both look if you are having a really great time trust you to find a wool shop still really jealous but really enjoying the pictures
    Love Helen and Ted