9 Jan, 2013 Depart Rotterdam

This morning we packed up to get to the ship. A last minute trip to a post office to mail a small parcel and then wait for a taxi. A bit of a walk to get to the post office and some great photo ops presented themselves.

It is of course raining, which it has apparently been doing off and on for months.The MS Rotterdam arrived at 0300 (thanks to Eddie for finding that out for us). She is moored across the harbour from where we were staying. One of the striking things about Rotterdam is the variety of architecture. Modern, old, very old and interesting shapes all intermingled.IMGP3190


Boarding was smooth, being a 4 Star Mariner definitely helps. Just flash the card, skip to the front of the line, get your photo taken and then onto the ship. The other passengers were grouped into colour coded batches. A few near the front of the line were not pleased to see us ‘butting in’, so we let them go first, no purpose in getting upset at the start of a great voyage.

The passage out to the English Channel provided lots of viewing opportunities. First up is the original Holland Amerika head office, now a hotel (Hotel New York). As we pass the SS Rotterdam (built in 1959, also now a hotel) there is a horn exchange between the 2 ships. Rotterdam was for a very long time the largest harbour in the world, recently surpassed by Hamburg. But still 400million tons of goods passed through there in 2011. There is also ship building activity visible including 2 traditional plank on rib ships.

IMGP3185 IMGP3204
IMGP3201 IMGP3209
IMGP3211 IMGP3216

Then off to our first dinner on board. We lucked out and have a table for 2 at 8pm. A lovely dinner, reasonable serving sizes and then off to the show. A great start to the cruise.



9 Jan, 2013 Depart Rotterdam — 4 Comments

  1. Sounds like a lovely first day to a great trip. Some very interesting facts ! Hope you are both well.

  2. Excellent report Pat and Gerrit on day one!
    Those as some very good Photographs on what appears to have been quite a dank day, very overcast by the cloud below the top of some of the buildings.

    Good to see your pics as I was watching you leave on http://www.marinetraffic.com/ais/
    now it all comes together 🙂

    watching you leaving Lisbon just now, looking forward to many reports to come.



    Flag: Netherlands
    Ship Type: Passenger
    Status: Underway
    Speed/Course: 13.4 kn / 231˚
    Length x Breadth: 238 m X 32 m
    Draught: 8.2 m
    Destination: MALAGA
    ETA: 2013-01-15 06:00 (UTC)

  4. Good to know you are safely underway. Have a wonderful time
    Eddie’s marinetraffic site is interesting.