A walk around part of Leiden in winter

Today was another cold day with lots of snow flurries. Once those tapered off Gert went for a walk to get photos, we are expecting rain on Sunday.

So off I went for a 1 hour walk, freezing in the cold wind. Leiden has lots of canals and court yards! Thankfully there was no ice under the snow. It was very busy due to Sinterklaas being the next day (5 Dec) so lots of last minute shopping going on.


Typical housing from rear view IMGP0597
IMGP0601 Harbour area

Not surprisingly the majority of traffic was bicycles and mopeds. The mopeds had more problems than bikes.

IMGP0613 IMGP0620
IMGP0629 IMGP0634


According to Pat I am eating too many pepernoten and banketstaaf but then I did make a Teriyaki dinner to compensate for that.


A walk around part of Leiden in winter — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Gerrit and Pat,

    Hope you are enjoying your travels, it’s snowing here at home as well. Barrie is enjoying about 15cm of snow while London is at about 80 with another 40 on the way by Thursday. Makes it seem like Christmas time.

    • Here it is thankfully less snow but the damp cold is penetrating! Hand knit socks, scarves and hats help a lot. Hope the heavy snow falls stay away, otherwise flights will be a mess.