Abu Dhabi–Feb 2, 2013

After 2 tiring days in Dubai we decided to take it easy today. Apologies to all of you who are disappointed but our wellbeing comes first SmileIMGW0244


We had been to Abu Dhabi in 2010 so we had already seen some of the key sights. We did however take advantage of the wonderful welcome tent set up on the dock.

IMGW0243 IMGW0246
IMGW0250 IMGW0247

Along with a portable x-ray truck there were greeters handing out baked sweets (dipped in honey!) and a tent where 2 ladies were making those treats. Also present was a lady doing henna hand painting and a group of male dancers. All in all a wonderful welcome.

IMGW0252 IMGW0253

One thing did strike us, it rained, the second day in a row as it also did in Dubai. Very unusual, it doesn’t rain often here.IMGP5059

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