Bora Bora, French Polynesia-Day 2 January 27th and 28th 2011


IMGP2859After yesterdays sun we’re again lathered in 30+ sunblock.  Gert is wearing a tee-shirt as he’s a little crispy.  I had kept putting my sunblock on when I came out of the water and am ok, but I also elect to wear my swimming T. We’ll have to consider getting swim shirts at this rate.

Bora Bora Kelley's 095As a group we meet on the Pier and are greeted by Frank.  Our first stop is to the coral reef we visited yesterday to again play and snorkel with both rays and sharks.  As we snorkel we see the wonderful playground of bright colourful fish.  The seas are a little rougher than yesterdays calm waters so we stay close to the boat.  Frank feeds the rays and sharks and we have them swimming all round us.  The rays feel like satin or silk against our legs.  We get to pet their heads and feed them tuna, all the while keeping our fingers out of the water as they would think them food.  We just can’ believe how many ray are swimming around us.  Minutes later as if on schedule our black fin sharks appear out of nowhere.  There’s about 30 of them that I can count but there’s several other boats in the vicinity and their captains are feeding them so we can guess the number of sharks must be closer to or even over 100.


IMGP2866We then navigate over to a coral garden close to one of the Motus.  The colour of the coral is amazing.  We see blue clams clinging to the coral and each time a fish swims past the clams open and close their mouths (or at least what passes as a mouth).  There are even more species of fish here.  The coral garden is separated into about 4-6 pieces.  It’s growing so will eventually be linked together.  The coral in this part of the island is being revitalized and it’s easy to see the difference IMGP3000between inside and outside the reef.  Outside is much brighter with really vivid colours.  We stay here for about an hour and then we’re dropped off at the Hilton Hotel (built on a motu) for lunch and some hours of snorkelling and using their facilities.  The lunch is quite good and we have the daily cocktail “Mai Tai’s”.  Raking is the order of the day, not sweeping.


IMGP3023They have wonderful facilities at the hotel and I elect to get a sunbed under one of the big pagodas.  Our friends Mel, Kelly, Amanda (new today) and Gert go snorkelling in their lagoon by the huts.  The colours of the fish are amazing.  Amanda wore long pants into the lagoon and the fish immediately swam to her.  Her pants were a wonderful deep purple colour and we think that’s what attracted the fish.  Mel had brought IMGP3011some bread to feed the fishes and they clamoured all over us.  When Amanda came back onshore she discovered a little fish tucked inside the roll at the bottom of her pants nipping her toes.  She picked it up and put it back in the water, we’re not sure if it survived!




All in all an awesome day on Bora Bora and the Hilton Hotel.  We slept well last night and I’m convinced we’ll sleep well tonight.

IMGP2944 IMGP2978


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  1. Great!
    Pat with Rays! (was it not a ray that killed Steve Irwin?)
    Gerrit a little “Crisp” I like it.