Buenos Aires, Argentina (Sat Feb 6, 2010)

The flight to Buenos Aires, Argentina was uneventful and a pretty IMGP8300 good  flight.  While waiting for the plane out of Toronto we saw an Emirates flight to Dubai being loaded.  Just as it was about to leave security arrived and a man was escorted off the plane.  Of course, that resulted in his luggage being off loaded and the plane finally took off 45 minutes late.  From the front view it looked like a dumpy, short, fat plane, however when it eventually pulled away from the gate we all realized the plane was HUGE.

IMGP6539Gerrit and I actually slept for quite a few hours on the plane and when we arrived in Buenos Aires it was a wonderful 28C.  But after 17 hours flying we were very tired.  We had a brief stop over in Santiago, on the approach we were delighted to have a great view of the mountain ranges.

The hotel is great “Conte Hotel”.  However, the big event happened as we left the hotel to look for a bank machine and have dinner.  Pat was mugged, thankfully the young man didn’t manage to grab her necklace or purse – but it really shook us both.  The end result was that we ate at the little restaurant beside the hotel, we had tapas and beer for a total of 80 pesos.  Unusual for us, we didn’t take a picture of the meal. We’ll look for a bank machine tomorrow and take taxis around the city. Apparently on the weekend parts of the city have very little police presence, making small crimes more prevalent.  Pat is fine, a little shaken but you know Pat……. 🙂

Not much sightseeing as we had arrived late in the afternoon and were very tired from the flight but we have lots of plans for Sunday and Monday morning.


Buenos Aires, Argentina (Sat Feb 6, 2010) — 2 Comments

  1. Goodness not the eventfull start to the holiday you wanted! I am glad that Pat and You are fine. Now you know why we knocked the **** out of them in 82! Stay safe…..

  2. he didn’t know he was taking on that Irish temper now did he eh!! An awful damper to start tho!
    may the rest of the trip be all fun