Buenos Aires, Argentina (Sun Feb 7, 2010)

The morning was spent snoozing since it was routinely pouring rain. As IMGP6562 on Saturday, the skies cleared up in the early afternoon so we ventured out. Having finally got cash, we took a cab to Puerto Madero, a wonderful area around the old harbour. (Sunday is also not a day to wander some areas due to lack of visible police presence in commercial areas.) Lots of restored warehouses, now mostly restaurants. Along the quay were various vintages of cranes from the pre-container era.

Our taxi driver took us for a small detour so that we could take some pictures of Juan Manuel Fangio’s statue in front of the Mercedes Benz IMGP6543building. The whole area is an amazing mixture of old and new. Lots of pedestrians enjoying the sun shine and then a short down pour! We detour into an Italian restaurant for a fabulous meal. We wandered some more, passing a steel hulled ship from the1930’s. On the one shore are the restored warehouses, IMGP8326 on the other shore is new build. somehow it all fits together nicely. There are a lot of new condos being built, some very tall. We headed over to the north part of the old port and voila, there we spot the MS Amsterdam. So now we know where we are heading on Monday 🙂


IMGP6582 IMGP8340

We wandered back to the old part IMGP6598 of the city, passing the Plaza De Mayo where Evita’s balcony is looking nicely restored. The building beside the Palace is the Ministry of Finance which is obviously a favourite target for the guys in the Ministry of Defence right across from it! They have left some bullet holes in the facade as a reminder of the past. We are looking for a place to buy some IMGP8375 water, but there is almost nothing open. Eventually we found a wine store and bought 4 bottles of wine and 1 champagne. Excellent prices, the whole bill was P180 or $45. We’ll enjoy those onboard. After hailing one of the official cabs, we head back to the hotel, we ask the cab driver if he could find a shop selling water, which he did and the day was saved with 2 1.5litre bottles of water :-). Dinner at the hotel that night was great, the quality of beef is very high.  Gerrit had the Argentine burger while Pat had the Tenderloin sandwich shared; with a 1/2 bottle of wine the total bill came to P88 or 20$ Cdn.  


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  1. So glad this was a much better day for you! Dont drink all that vino at the same time! But if you do enjoy!