Cruising the Pacific–January 11, 2011

IMGP1671We’re enjoying a sea day today.  So I’ve got caught up on laundry while Gerrit attends both a culinary demonstration and a hands on cooking class.  They are doing Crab dishes and so with my allergy to Crab I’ve decided to get caught up with other “things”.


Today’s recipes are Crab with Baby Arugula Salad, Crab Cakes and Banana Chocolate Bread Pudding! 12 people, the class had a waiting list as is usual on the cruises. This is Dan’s first time doing a hands on class onboard a cruise ship, and he handled it very well. Guiding 12 independent minded people is always a challenge and we were no exception Smile

No real tricks to tell except to of course squeeze all the liquid out of the crab meat before mixing it into the cake ingredients. And if you want to dice avocado, do so in the shell, it is much neater. The resulting meal was delicious, the crab cakes light and fluffy, the salad a wonderful mix of citrus, arugula and crab flavours. Wine was flowing freely during the cooking and eating phases.

IMGP1675 IMGP1676
IMGP1673 IMGP1677

Chef Daniel Bugge, his wife and 2 year old son are on board for 2 weeks.  Dan spent 11 years as one of the star “fish throwers” at world famous Pike Place fish market in Seattle, WA.  He appeared in many TV shows such as “Martha Stewart”, “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno, “BBQ” with Bobby Flay and “Wanna Go Fishing” just to name a few.  Dan later moved across the street to one of Seattle’s finest restaurants named “Matt’s in the Market”.  Dan partnered with Matt for one year after buying the restaurant and turned the once 23 seat restaurant into a quintessential Seattle landmark, expanded to 55 seats and adding a ‘real’ bar.  Dan propelled ‘Matt’s in the Market’ to the forefront of great Seattle restaurants while winning numerous awards along the way including being recognized by local media as a top ten restaurant in Seattle.  The restaurant has also been recognized in the New York Times, the LA Times and the Washington Post.  Now after 3 years of owning and operating, Dan is in the process of opening his second restaurant in Seattle.  I would strongly suggest that our friends in Seattle try this amazing restaurant.


I’m off to a writing class at 2pm.  Patricia Rushford, who’s an author is on board for the 4 month world voyage and she’s providing writing workshops.  I’ve attended the first 2 and I’m finding it a great benefit.  We have some “homework” to do before our next workshop so my creative juices are definitely flowing.


I’ve started the sock booties for my friend Neil who’s coming on board during the New Zealand/Australia portion of the World voyage.  I’ve also got another pair of socks started for another friend I’ll see later on in the cruise.


We heard from Jean and Wally and we’ll definitely get together in Auckland and perhaps again in Tauranga; we just have to figure out what we’re doing during Tauranga.  It’s a big holiday in NZ (Waitangi Day) on the 6th February so timing will be everything.


We’re looking forward to Ecuador (Manta) and have a tour planed for Manta and Monte Christi.

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