First bit of vacation excitement in Leiden!

We departed Toronto knowing that the weather in Europe was not great. When we arrived in Frankfurt, the flight to Amsterdam had been cancelled. Apparently direct flights to AMS were landing but the plane we needed to catch in Frankfurt hadn’t departed in time to get to us.

In the process we found out just how insanely stupid the cell phone plans are in Canada. We can call within Germany (at $2/m) and to/from Canada but not from Germany to anywhere else. What is the point of that? They must really pay people well to come up with these service concepts.

The good news is that I could buy 60m of internet time and then use our VoIP connection to make calls.

IMGP0588 IMGP0589

Things are interesting here with the snow. Unlike in Toronto, bicycles continue to be primary mode of transportation.The trick is to go fast enough to easily maintain your balance and also not have to apply to much pedal pressure (avoids slipping wheels). Car drivers on the other hand have problems, this person ran over a concrete bollard and bent a drive shaft! Several car loads of people helped shift the car off, only to block traffic a bit more once it was found that the front wheels no longer turned. 5 firemen and 2 garbage truck drivers who could not get past in their trucks helped lift the car sideways. Another reason to own a small car.

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