Friday, April 3, 2009 Cruising Day 19 Equator

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – Confucius

The line in the water Today at 8:46am we crossed the Equator :-).  First time in both our lives and it was exciting.  Not that we felt a bump or anything but there was a special cloud and line in the water.  Of course, we had on board celebrations in which some of the senior officers were dunked into a swimming pool.  It was just hilarious!

The courtTradition has it that mariners must ask King Neptune for permission to cross the equator. Only those found worthy evade punishment. Punishment consists of kissing the Royal Fish and then being covered with ‘something foul’ followed by either a dunking or a reprieve. At the end we all received a certificate of permission to cross the equator 🙂

Kissing the Royal Fish

Getting covered in 'something'






We left Semarang yesterday and are sailing today to get to Singapore.  We should be ready to disembark around 7’ish.  We plan to meet up with a friend of Pat’s from ISG days – Irena.  We met up with Irena when she was in Toronto quite a few months ago so it will be good to get caught up with all the gossip.

A lot of new crew are now onboard.  We said good-bye to our Cabin Steward Sonny yesterday, he was going home, having spent 10 months on board.  He got off at Semarang, I think his family will be very happy to see him.

I’ve started the front of Gert’s vest for Alaska – I thought I’d be further ahead but life on board the ship is busy :-).

The temperature today is a lovely 38C.  That sounds high but its a VERY dry heat and I think it’s just glorious.  Of course, I’m covered head to toe in +30 sun block.  That will all change once we head to Malaysia and Philippines, where it’s sure to get nice and sticky and hot (ugh).

Rite of passage for Pat King Neptune and his Queen


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  1. So you two Pollywogs are now Shellbacks – Congratulations! Next you have too become Blue nose’s 🙂