Friday, March 27, 2009 Cruising Day 12

Pat has a dreadful head cold today so will take it easy, she really doesn’t want to miss Darwin!!

Swan Today we were invited to 2 receptions.  At 11:00am the Mariner Society held a reception in the

Frans Hals lounge with bits and bites and glasses of wine or champagne.  This reception recognizes cruisers who have travelled with Holland America Line (HAL).  We are at the 25 day level, but know that we’ll get our 75 day pin before we dock in Vancouver.  We had another reception tonight but decided to give it a miss so that I can rest up for Darwin tomorrow.  There was actually a gentleman on board who has cruised for more than 1700 days – how fun is that!!

Gert spent some time today figuring out why there were so many attempts required to get the posts onto our blog. It seems that sending 2mb photos on a slow link is not a good idea. The default is now to send much smaller photos. But in the meantime there are a few posts which have photos with no links to larger pics.

To makeup for the lack of touristy things today, here are some shots of what awaits us each evening upon return from dining.  It’s called towel art – and it’s really fun.  Of course, our bed is always turned down with a chocolate on the pillow and the lights are turned down low.  It’s just amazing!! 🙂




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