Gaspe, QC – Oct 19, 2011

A wonderful place to come for your 20th wedding anniversary!!

This is not a large town but the welcome was huge. The local yacht club house doubles as the tender dock and welcome centre. Good maps and wonderful walking paths combine to make for a great day.IMGP0504

IMGP0514 IMGP0539
IMGP4644 IMGP4667
IMGP0562 IMGP0552
IMGP0558 IMGP4676
IMGP4683 IMGP0551
IMGP4721 IMGP4724

IMGP0634 Stitch


Gaspe, QC – Oct 19, 2011 — 2 Comments

  1. Looks lovely. A cold water trip for a change 🙂
    Looks like that camera is far too complicated for you Gerrit! I suggest you put it in the post asap! to you know who. 🙂

  2. Beautiful and congratulations! Chris and I drove round the gaspe as part of an East Coast trip after we got married (no it was NOT our honeymoon because my mother in law was with us the whole way so we refused to call it that!). Any how the welcome was wonderful but the weather closed in and we saw nothing of the famous coast line as there was fog the whole 2 days we were there! So nice to see what we missed and couldn’t have happened to more winderful people – enjoy. Ross and Chris xxx