January 13, 2011. A Day at Sea.


IMGP1146Some interesting facts about our Ship “Amsterdam”.  There have been 3 ships that have sailed under the name “Amsterdam”.  Both the first and second vessels date to the latter part of the 19th century, the first service from 1880 to 1884 and the second from 1887 to 1905.  It wasn’t until 95 years later would the single name “Amsterdam” be given to another ship.  I believe this was purposely done to avoid confusion with the four ships in the fleet that were names “Nieuw Amsterdam”; for most of the past century there has been a “Nieuw Amsterdam” in the fleet.  The first was in service from 1906 to 1932, the second from 1938 to 1974 and the third from 1983-2000 and the newest “Nieuw Amsterdam” debuted in 2010.  Our current ship

“Amsterdam” was built in 2000.  She’s a very comfortable ship holding a maximum of 1200 passengers and 700 crew.  Right now we have 755 people doing the complete 4 month cruise while another 250 are doing “segments”.  The ship has a very atmosphere and many of the passengers on board have sailed every year since we was brought into service.  We’re finding that passengers take their ship very seriously.  When we go off the ship and come back there is always a huge banner saying “Welcome Home” and it really is a home from home.  The crew and staff members are amazing.  Everything is done for us.  Bed made, breakfast ready, we get up from breakfast and just leave the dishes, we have 7 x 24 hour room service.  And of course, food is available all the time in the many restaurants and on the various decks.  It’s lovely to be reading or knitting and suddenly a crew member comes up to you and asks if you’d like some lemon aid or tea or coffee.  Attention to detail is amazing from flowers and fresh fruit in the cabin daily.


IMGP1155The crew quickly get to know “you”.  Our favourite beverage of choice is always waiting for us at dinner when we arrive at our table.  Even the coffee bar folks know that a Cappuccino will be ordered when I appear in the Explorer Cafe area.  Internet and Technical staff are available to answer questions or help people knew to technology to set up blogs etc..


Tonight was our 2nd formal evening.  It’s the black and silver ball.  Every formal night we receive a gift from the captain and crew.  Tonight it was a travel case with 3 sections containing (1) bug spray and sunscreen lotion (2) tables for diarrhoea; headache; upset stomach; insect bites; band aids etc. and (3) tissues; lip balm and a couple of other goodies.


Tomorrow we’re in Lima, Peru and have several tours planned.  


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  1. Nice Ship and I see they cover all eventualities, a gift of bug spray and diarrhoea tablets! are they trying to tell you something Gerrit 🙂

    Seriously enjoy and I hope you dont need the tablets…