Mangalore–Feb 7, 2013

We slept in today Sad smile When we finally got up at 1000 we were already seeing people coming back from town. The port exit where you get taxis is a hike, and then you find out that while you might pay a reasonable price to get into Mangalore itself, they want ridiculous money to bring you back. Certainly not a good tactic as many people just walked back to the ship!IMGP5148


The port itself is very busy, providing entertainment for those who want to watch others work. Iron ore, coal, oil and teak are very visible around the port. Also a cluster of 10 or so wind generator pods are laying on the dock.

IMGP5158 IMGP5152

IMGP5165Next time we come here we will try to be rested up. There are extensive beaches nearby (wading, no swimming due to undertows) and some temples and shopping in town. There is at least one market as well.

Getting port information on the ship is a bit sketchy at times, this is the first time that most of the crew and staff are east of the Mediterranean. This means that most do not have direct personal experience with the ports and nearby cities. That should improve for future cruises on the Rotterdam as this itinerary is on the schedule for at least 2014.



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  1. Yikes this is even more industrial than Mormugoa!

    That beach looks very very busy! (I like the watch tower)

    No snack today! 🙁