Monday April 13, 2009 Cruising Day 29

A day at sea and we thought we’d relax – no way.  First we had a IMGP1102 Mariners Brunch with the captain at 10:45am.  It was just lovely, however Gert and I woke at 10am – quickly showered and headed to the Rotterdam restaurant where we were greeted by our hosts for the next several hours. 

The brunch was wonderful, grilled salmon or meat pie (Gert had pie, Pat had salmon) with copious glasses of red wine (I hadn’t even had a coffee yet!!).  The food on board this ship is just incredible and the wine really flows at these events. 

We’ve decided not to have lunch and only a VERY light supper in the Lido. 

There’s been a medical emergency on board – a young woman in her 40’s (just married) has had a heart attack  and we must get her to hospital.  There’s no ship in the area to off load her and this ship isn’t built for a helicopter landing so we’ve sped up and will cover 120 nautical miles before 7pm this evening (12 hrs earlier than planned) where the woman will be unloaded to a waiting ambulance.  If we’re fortunate the ship will also be cleared and we can get off the ship and enjoy Puerto Princesa, Philippines.

We’ve been invited to another reception with the captain and those passengers travelling on to Vancouver.  It’s become a routine each segment of the trip to have a reception.  Again copious glasses of wine and champagne with lots of wonderful Hors d’oeuvres.

The lady and her husband were off loaded into a waiting ambulance and the ship has been cleared.  Gert and I have decided to stay on board and have an early night as we have a tour planned for tomorrow in the morning.

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