Monday April 20, 2009 Cruising Day 36

Travel is ninety per cent anticipation and ten per cent recollection.

We are both very glad to be doing our blog.  We’ve been to so many countries so far, with lots more to go and it’s great to re-read our journey.  How quickly we get information overload.

49ec5032_6738_0 Today we had a “May Day” call from a shipping vessel close to our position.  Per maritime law the nearest ship (the Volendam) must respond.  We

did find the vessel but once we got our on board Chinese customs people to speak with them it was determined that they used the May Day channel to discuss engine problems on a sister vessel.  Our captain and Chinese customs people were not amused and I can only guess at the conversation. I think the detour corresponds to the gap between 0000 and 0500. there was a previous jog at 1600-1700 but that appears to be a blip in the data, it doesn’t seem likely that we can travel that far in an hour.

We then returned to our course.  We’ve attended some port lectures on Shanghai so that we can take full advantage of our 2 days there. We were glad that we only planned a 3.5 hour tour on the first day as the city is very accessible from the dock area.

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