Monday, March 9, 2009

Life is a journey, and love is what makes that journey worthwhile.

We’re in New Zealand, staying with our good friend Jeff’s parents, Wally and Jean.   To say they are wonderful people is an understatement.  Extremely wonderful and warm hearted.  They travelled 2 hours on Monday morning to pick us up from the Airport in Auckland.  They live in a wonderful community in Whangarei.  We’ve been travelling around the North Island with them for almost a week –

I honestly don’t know where they get the energy from :-).  The photo below shows a Maori sculpture in the Whangarei town basin.  It’s called Waka and Wave.  Waka is Maori for boat and Wave is wave (of course :-)).

 Waka & Wave - Mauri sculpture

On Tuesday, we went to Tutukaka for lunch and in the evening celebrated my birthday with a BBQ in the sunshine.  Wally outdid himself on the BBQ with Lamb chops, steak and sausages while Jean made bean salad, green salad and boiled potatoes. We washed down the meal with copious bottles of red wine and finished off with a wonderful Pavola served with fresh cream, Kiwi fruit (of course :-)).  Friends of Wally and Jean (Geir and Vasantha Bjornholdt), a wonderful warm and friendly couple joined us for the BBQ.  We had an awesome night.

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