Montreal – Oct 15, 2011

Well, another cruise. This time we are visiting mostly Canadian ports along the St Lawrence River and the Atlantic provinces.

Internet connection is the usual sadly slow service. One day MTN will figure out how to provide a good service for the price. In the meantime we are going to blog somewhat differently this trip, specifically less writing, more photos! We both have DSLR’s now and the results are already noticeably better photographs. Pat was getting very frustrated with the lack of a view finder, in bright sunshine those little LCD’s fade away leaving you pointing aimlessly.

On to the photo selection for Montreal where we boarded the MS Maasdam.

IMGP0244 Stitch

IMGP0231 IMGP0237
IMGP0263 IMGP0280
IMGP0252 IMGP0239
IMGP0215 IMGP0255
IMGP0275 IMGP0266



Farewell to Montreal


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