More walks in Leiden, Dec 5-7 2010

Dec 5, Sunday: This time we all went for a walk. No particular purpose in mind other than we would have lunch at Barrerra, a pub along a canal of course.

We started out along Haarlemmerstraat, a main shopping street. Not too many stores open, it is Sunday and many only open after 1200. Lots of turns as we wandered past a lot of historic sites. Many of the roads were in the past canals, with the sidewalks and bike lanes generally being the road in the past. This is also reflected in where the trees are planted.

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Dec 5 is of course Sinterklaas and he was actually there in Leiden for us to see! 25000 children visited him in the couple of weeks that he was in town. His helpers were giving out Pepernoten, a very tasty crunchy treat.

Sinterklaas IMGP0664


Leiden is where Rembrandt went to school. Most of the buildings have some story or history. There was a huge gun powder explosion in 1807, the ship was not even supposed to be inside the city limits. Over 120 people died and many were wounded. Napoleon’s brother was in charge of Holland at the time, he was there within a few hours and led the efforts to help the wounded.

Rembrandt went to school here The site of 1807 gunpowder explosion

The brick is amazing on many of the buildings throughout Holland. The bricks are relatively thin compared to at home so the patterns work even better.



This is a panoramic view of where the old and new Rijn rivers meet. This is also an area where there is a large market every Saturday.

IMGP0744 Stitch


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  1. Looks Lovely! I notice your not teasing me with photographs of the cigar shops! Thanks…

    Enjoy. I am liking the pics and History Gerrit.

    • Was I supposed to look for cigars? 🙂 Just kidding, they are plentiful and cheap, pity that I no longer smoke them.