Mormugoa–Feb 6, 2013

This is the port for Central Goa. The port itself is 15 minutes from the nearest town, Vasco de Gama and an hour from Pajing. Goa is a vacation/party destination dating back to the 1960’s when hippies filled its beaches.IMGP5082


We wandered around the port for a while, but the one road that seemed to head up hill stopped at a port building with armed guards. (We heard later that there was a set of stairs going up to a Japanese garden, will remember that for next time.) So we wandered back to the ship to get some cash and take a tuktuk or taxi into town. There were lots of offers along the way. For $3 we got a ride into town, dropped off near the railway station.

IMGP5087 IMGP5130

IMGP5089There are a few temples to see here but instead we decided to wander around aimlessly and soak up the flavours of India. Lovely heat, sunshine and lots of things to see. As in all parts of India that we have visited there is life of all types everywhere. Mopeds, motorcycles are everywhere, with the local parking authority lifting those parked in car spots onto a flat bed truck. No tickets as a first warning here!

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Pat bought some lovely material and I found a men’s store (not to many of those for some reason). We bought a lovely long shirt which I will use on dressy dinner nights. We went into an alley to browse around a maze of small shops, a bit like a flea market but more permanent.

IMGP5092 IMGP5101
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One thing that amazes us each time we are in this part of the world is the price differential between Toronto for exactly the same product. Bottled water, body wash, toothpaste are all much, much less expensive even though they are the same brands. Is this a case of ‘what the market will bear’?

Mormugoa itself is a port specializing in coal and iron ore shipments.Everything ins the port area turns black. There is a lot of activity to build a conveyer system for faster unloading of ships which should also reduce the dust levels.IMGP5111

An interesting visit and a great introduction back into India.



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  1. Interesting place if a little industrial.
    Good observation re the cost of items!
    other point now days is what’s genuine article and what’s copy cat!