Probolinggo–Feb 26, 2013

Today is a tender port, always fun to see how many we can fit into a tender at a time. These theoretically can hold 150 people but thankfully they only place about 80 at a time. Crowded enough at that level.IMGP7419


Probolinggo is primarily a fishing port with shipment of refined sugar being second in importance. There is still some traditional wooden ship building as well. A shuttle bus provides transport to the centre of town near the traditional market (Pesar Tradisional). En-route it starts to rain, a daily occurrence during the wet season. The primary goal today is to mail 38 post cards! We started walking to the post office, along the way we chatted for a while with 3 school boys. Kids in general in Indonesia love to talk with tourists, asking where we are from, and in general practicing their English. English is taught at an early age here. As it was now starting to pour we succumbed to getting into a becak, basically a tricycle with room for two in front. While these have a cover over your head, legs were fully exposed to the rain!

IMGP7422 IMGP7423
IMGP7426 IMGP7489

A short ride saw us arrive at the Immanuel Church (Red Church), across from the Post Office. Lots of people inside hiding from the rain Smile The building is beautifully maintained with colourful stained glass windows. A quick dash across the road to the post office and the cards were gone. The friendly staff chatted with us for a while and then proceeded to put the stamps on for us!

IMGP7430 IMGP7428

IMGP7432As it was now lunch time, we asked if there was a good warung nearby. Indeed, just around the corner on Imam Bonjol street is a wonderful place, Warung Sari Kuring. Deceptively simple when you see it, the place is huge with 2 ponds with fountains and several sections of traditional eating platforms over the water. Pat ordered Nasi bebek (duck), Gerrit had Nasi Goreng Ayam (chicken). Each place that we eat these meals has a slightly different take on these typical meals, but always tasty. Total bill was 64000R, of which 23000 was the large Bintang beer. ($4 for the food, $2.30 for the beer!) 

IMGP7441 IMGP7442

IMGP7444On the way back to the bus pickup point we stop to see the Museum Probolinggo. Nothing fancy, it is free and has an extensive display of items illustrating the history of the city and surrounding area. For once photography is allowed.

IMGP7458 IMGP7460
IMGW0576 IMGP7480

Next time we might take a cab or motorized trike to the city centre as there were lots of sights to see along the way. A large city park worth seeing and buildings from the Dutch colonial area are prominent in some places as well as the usual variety of shops and warung. It all depends of course on whether it is raining Smile.



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