Saturday April 11, 2009 Cruising Day 27

I can’t believe we’re up to 27 days at sea – just another 40 to go :-).

6 delicious salads Today is a day at sea and the weather is just beautiful.  It’s a hot 36C and it’s a dry heat.  We have a cooking class at 11:00am with the guest chef George Geary (as mentioned in a previous post).

It definitely wasn’t as expected and we won’t attend another of his

classes – we had a TON of fun but didn’t really learn anything.  We were tasked with making 6 different salads.  Bill and Pat did the Som Tam Salad; Gert and Barbara did the Waldorf Salad and others prepared the Chicken Pasta Salad; Chinese Chicken Salad; Cold Pasta Salad and Vodka Sauce (which was really good).

Pat and Bill We had 12 people (the maximum) in the class and he divided us up into groups of 6 and then just let us loose in the kitchen.  Photos showing us having a good time and it was fun, just not very educational.  Chef Jamon (previous Pinnacle chef) was terrific and we learnt a lot, especially about presentation.  But George isn’t a good teacher! Thankfully the classes in the next 2 segments are with Pinnacle Chef Ben.

We lazed about the ship for the balance of the day enjoying the good weather.  Dinner will be in the Rotterdam tonight.

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