Sea days–Feb 3,4,5 2013

You are probably wondering, what about food. You know by now that we love to participate in the cooking demos, eat interesting local food etc. This post is a bit of a summary of our onboard experiences so far.

Jillian Deepak (Event Manager), Claire Den Hertog (Party Planner), Pinnacle Manager Martijn and Tournant Chef Mathijs do an excellent job of creating cooking demos. Although they do not have the resources or budget allotted to World or Grand Voyages, their creativity makes it seem as if they have a much larger budget. The result: a food related event in the Demo Kitchen/Theatre every day! We have had knife skills, presentation, various cooking styles etc demo’d so far.

Some examples:

Jan 12, Chef Greg made Grilled Prawn Bruschetta and Pinnacle Steak DianeIMGW0144

Jan 26, Tournant Chef Mathijs made Salad Canaletto and Penne Alla BoscaiolaIMGW0161

Jan 30, Hands on cooking with Claire and Tournant Chef Mathijs. We made Crab cakes, Prawn Bruschetta, and Chocolate Volcano cake with associated sauces. The kitchen is really well equipped. The rules have changed though, we no longer eat what we cook in the Pinnacle. Instead we sample our creation in the kitchen and then the Pinnacle provides us with the equivalent meal in the restaurant. We all agreed that the Thai Sweet Chili sauce that I made had more flavour though Smile Claire is very proficient at cooking, so in effect we had 2 instructors.

IMGW0201 IMGW0210
IMGW0217 IMGW0219

Feb 5: Pinnacle Wait Staff Lelik and Ria showed us how to make Sambal and Nasi Goreng. They were a delight to listen to and watch. And the Nasi was delicious.

IMGW0255 IMGW0259


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  1. Yum looks like great fun!

    Why the rule change? interesting you cannot eat your own but get a duplicate made by the on board staff!

    remember my apron!