Semarang–Feb 18, 2013

We arrived to see a wonderful group of dancers with gamelan music. And then wind followed by rain. This is the port where you go to see Borobudur, a 9-11 trek well worth the effort. But having done that in 2009 we decided to take it easier this time. Initially the appeal of the port was the promise of free Wi-Fi, which of course got overloaded by passengers. But it was enough for getting emails and a few apps for my new smartphone. A free shuttle bus was offered so we went into the city. Lots of evidence of flooding along the way, this was also evidence of work being done to avoid future issues.IMGP6438

IMGP6452 IMGP6491

The bus dropped us off at an expensive Batik store, which we by-passed in favour of a nearby shopping centre. we wandered around for a while, hoping to find a pay phone so that we could sort out a blocked credit card. Not finding one we decide it is time to reflect on things over lunch. Some of the crew were there also and helped us order. Gerrit had Nasi Komplet, which is fried rice with cabbage, shrimp, egg and spices. Pat had Ayam Goreng, fried rice, various vegetables and chicken. Very yummy and washed down with an incredible drink filled with shaved coconut, various fruits and Jell-O. All for under $8IMGP6468

Gerrit actually got some shopping done, buying 4 lovely Batik shirts. Check out Batik Keris. Prices were not negotiable for once although Pat did try. This plaza was a trove of shops and since it was still raining we stayed inside. After exhausting the plaza we headed back to the bus location. Gerrit hadn’t quite gotten his fix of Batik so he went looking inside the more upscale store, Danar Hadi. That resulted in the purchase of a really good shirt.  For less than $90 we had 5 wonderful shirts. Danar Hadi in particular seems well known amongst the crew as high quality.

The trip back to the ship provided more views of this city. Well worth a taxi ride from the terminal next time to stop by some of the sights along the way. E.g. there is an old Dutch part of town that is worth seeing. And best of all, there is a fabulous group of warung (small restaurants) next to the terminal in case you want authentic food. We also noticed that there were a lot of warung near the shopping centre so that is something to look forward to next time, perhaps it won’t be raining then.

IMGP6478 IMGP6479
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This harbour is also known for its high water level relative to the dock. Always interesting to watch as the thrusters get going on departure SmileIMGP6513


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  1. These national monuments all look like that tower in Toronto! Who is copying who?

    The sea level/dock level is a little dodgy!

    Well I am glad Gerrit managed to get some shirts! Its normally wool shops eh! Pat! 🙂