Starting Off

It’s only 4 weeks before we head off to New Zealand.  We’re staying with Jeff’s parents Wally and Jean.  They are both lovely people and we’re excited to be spending time with them – in particular listening to their wonderful accents.  I’m especially excited to have my birthday in New Zealand in lovely warm weather and even more excited to have a BBQ.  Wally is looking after the BBQ – he suggests leg of lamb; I’m only excited to have a BBQ and burgers and hot dogs would be delightful :-).

We’re currently getting all our visas for the “voyage” as Gerrit calls it :-).  We spent time yesterday completing forms etc for the Chinese embassy.  We pick up those visas on Monday and then going immediately to the Indonesian embassy on Jarvis.  We got our Australian visa yesterday as well.  Being Canadian, we’re lucky in that we don’t need a ton of visas for the many countries we’re visiting; plus the ship “MS Volendam” arranges our Russian visa, Vietnamese and a few others.

We’re also getting ready for Eddie’s arrival on 4th March.  He’s got the job of looking after the condo.  Thankfully he’s got a friend coming to visit him – Allan.  So he’ll have company while we’re gone.  And I’ll have a few friends give him some chat and perhaps dinner as well.


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