Sunday April 5, 2009 Cruising Day 21 Kemaman

Located in the east-coast state of Terengganu, Kemaman (aka Chukai) IMGP0405 are the most southerly town in this region.  These quaint towns are considered off the beaten track.  It was the last region to complete road systems to Kuala Lumpur and the west coast;  this part of Malaysia was fairly isolated from the rest of the country and

didn’t receive many Indian and Chinese migrants that are predominant throughout most of Malaysia.  The state of Terengganu has been a IMGP0407 predominantly conservative Muslim state that upholds traditional and conservative values, especially away from the tourist centres.  The islands boast long stretches of superb sandy, and largely deserted beaches along most of the coastline, with the nearby town of Kemasik boasting a palm fringed beach with some of the clearest water on the east coast.  

IMGP0412 The port itself is a supply source for oil rigs in the area.The town of Kemaman (Chukai) is about 15 Kilometres from the port area.  When we arrive it is pouring rain – We’ve decided to give the port and island a miss.  Instead I do laundry and Gert gets caught up with the Bali travel log.  Later in the afternoon, the sun comes out and we just relax in the library – I knit and Gert helps Bill with his laptop.  Ah yes, Bill and Jole are wonderfully warm people we met in our first cooking lesson (and our second :-)) and hopefully our third.  Bill was having a problem with the time it took to connect to the internet and of course my IT guy (aka Gert) jumped in and helped.  Bill is now set up with Outlook to retrieve their emails (with 2 profiles).

Tonight we sail on a mainly northerly course though the South China sea.  We expect to embark the local pilot at 6:30am and be safely docked at 8:00am.

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