Sunday December 12, 2010–A Day with Music

Today as a very special treat Dede has purchased tickets for us to attend a concert in Amsterdam.  It’s a live broadcast of the “Radio Kamer Filharmonie”  James MacMillan conducted and Michael Collins was the solo Clarinet. 

Zaandam City Hall IMGP0998

We had amazing seats and the music was just amazing.  They played I Stravinksy’s Concerto in D, followed by Milhoud’s Scaramouche and finally Mozarts Sympony number 29.  The Clarinet solist Michael Collins was truly an amazing player.  Dede, our cousin has been learning to play Clarinet and is in several orchestras.

IMGP1001 IMGP1661
IMGP1672 IMGP1662

It was just a wonderful hour of superb music.  After we took the tram (free until 3pm for those who attended the broadcast) to an Indonesian restaurant.  Dede, Berti and Gerrit took advantage and had a traditional “Rice Table” while I had tofu, rice and veggies.


Just a lovely day.  Tomorrow we get ready to head to Northern Ireland.  Let’s hope it’s warmer.


Damage from subway contstruction IMGP1005

As we leave for Northern Ireland I have to admit that I’ll miss being with both of Gerrit’s 2 cousins.  As it turns out I had a bit in common with each of them.  With Berti, it was spinning wool and books and with Dede we share a passion with sewing and music.  Gert and I have promised to come back again in much better i.e. warmer weather.

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