Sunday March 15, 2009

Today was another touring day. We visited the Northland refinery. They have a fabulous visitor centre which amongst other displays has a full model of the refinery. The model was built in Holland and was used during the construction phase. When there was any doubt as to how something should fit, the workers were referred to the model!IMGP8121


The refinery is across from Reotahi, the mountain tops have someIMGP8131 ‘sculptures’ that look like humans. Maori folklore is that a woman cheated on her husband so he fixed his wife and children into rock. This refinery is unusual in that they allow you to walk along the surrounding beaches.



IMGP8146 We then went on to Roukaka to see the long beach. Lots of onshore wind made for wonderful kite surfing! There is quite a rip current so swimming is restricted to specific areas for safety.


Sunday March 15, 2009 — 1 Comment

  1. Hello! The web updates look great and all the pictures come through fine. We are having above average temperatures in Toronto this week, but I doubt 5-6 degrees is impressive where you are!