Sunday, March 29, 2009 – Cruising Day 14

Pat is feeling so much better today again.  Another sea day so lots lined up.  We had an early breakfast followed by a tour lecture from Abilio on Bali and Komodo Island.  We then went to our 2nd "Hands-

 IMGP9310 On" cooking lesson in the Arts centre (photo’s attached).  I did Alsatian Ham and Gruyere Salad (which was an awesome success) which I’ll definitely do back home.  Gert cooked a "Fallen Prune and Armagnac Souffle" which was just out of this world.  The souffle was served in little ramekins (3" diameter)  this was served with fresh cream and the prune and Armagnac sauce.  IMGP9315 The main course was Chicken Provencal and Goat cheese potato galette.  All the finished meals were served in the Pinnacle restaurant with wine.  This was definitely are greatest success to date.  Our next cooking lesson will be after Singapore.

We spent the afternoon getting caught up with blog comments – thank you so much everyone for the comments we really look forward to seeing them.  Our internet time is very short on board the ship – we connect, get our emails and log off again – usually takes about 3-4 minutes.  Then we review our emails and blog comments, write replies and update the next days blog; Gert then signs on late in the evening (when everyone else is in bed and the internet is not slow) to update them to the web – updating usually takes a lot longer as we’re updating photos etc, so he’s found a way to reduce the size of the photos and quicken the process of updating.  Slide shows will be mandatory for all visitors to the condo for the next 8 months :-).


Sunday, March 29, 2009 – Cruising Day 14 — 5 Comments

  1. I’ll be able to handle the slideshows as long at the food served matches the menus described and those pictures.
    How’s the cholesterol? 😉

  2. Only if drink’s are provided during the slideshow! Remember I might have to watch more than once 🙂 The food looks GREAT! but I may well have burn out your oven by then!

  3. Hi you globetrotters – Jeff is visiting for the day and showed us your blog. Awesome. I don’t mind the cooking either I’m drooling already. Give NZ a hug from us and enjoy – looks like that was a wasted comment!