Sunday May 3, 2009 Cruising Day 49

Wine tasting bar A fairly restful day at sea today.  I did some laundry and Gerrit went to some lectures.  There’s a new naturalist and professional photographer on board: Danny Catt.  He’s giving a talk about the use

of both digital and film cameras and you can guess who’s sitting in row 1 :-). He said he didn’t learn too many new things but did re-learn a lot of others. Composition and the occasional use of flash were the two main ones. For example when taking a photo with someone in the foreground it is often useful to use flash so that there are no shadows on the person’s face.

Entrance to t he Pinnacle Restaurant It’s another formal night and we’re at the Pinnacle Restaurant.  Chef Ben made a special tonight, scallops on top of seaweed and wasabi spiced mashed potato. Starter was a Thai coconut curry chicken soup. Awesome. Pat wanted Caesar salad but there is no romaine lettuce left. Normally Arugala is her next choice but that too is all gone. We were talking with one of our favourite waiters and he was telling us that Japan is SO expensive when it comes to food.  No wonder people are so skinny here.  A kilo of arugala cost $20 and a melon cost $25 (medium sized).  Of course, the purser and chef aren’t going to pay that.  I’m glad to hear that as I wouldn’t pay for it at home.  So we’re getting mesclan mix salads and lots of other fresh fruit.

We’re in Tokyo tomorrow, unfortunately for only 1 day.  We have an 8 hour tour planned so early to bed tonight.

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