Sydney, NS – Oct 21, 2011

Today we are off on the only booked tour of our trip: The Fortress of Louisbourg. Originally built in the early 1700’s, it flipped between French and English hands for most of the century. The British finally destroyed the fortress and as a result the stone was re-used in local roads, houses etc. After the collapse of the Cape Breton mining industry, the government of Canada retrained unemployed workers to relearn the old trades. And thus starting in 1960’s over a period of 20 years the fortress was rebuilt. Only one of each type of building exists now, built on original foundations. With the input of 750,000 pages of documentation from that period it is a faithful recreation.

IMGP0654 Stitch

IMGP0666 IMGP4742
IMGP0690 IMGP4775
IMGP0696 IMGP4782
IMGP0727 IMGP4801
IMGP0736 IMGP4816
IMGP4849 IMGP0789
IMGP4820 IMGP0707
IMGP4874 IMGP0677

IMGP0794 Stitch



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  1. cool a pretty convincing replica!
    lots of holes in local roads now? and a little bit of air conditioning in a few local homes! 🙂