Thursday April 23, 2009 Cruising Day 39

Memories of Shanghai We have 2 days at sea – a) to recover from our 2 days in Shanghai and b) to get rested up for Beijing.

I do some laundry today and Gerrit gets caught up with some photos for Hong Kong.  He promises to publish these last few days tomorrow.

The photo is part of the Shanghai map that we used. This section lists all the specialty stores lining the east half of Nanjing Rd. Fond memories already but I think we missed visiting a few.

Gettign chillier It’s a formal evening so the formal wear gets another outing.  We watched the Volendam singers and dancers tonight doing a show called “Hats Off”.  We’re off to the Dessert extravaganza on the Lido deck.  Wow, I have a little of the chocolate covered strawberries and fruit with a little piece of gateau.  Gerrit has a little more cake.  We met a man from Belfast who lived for a long time in England and who has now retired to Spain.  He went to Campbell College.  It was lovely to talk about Ireland.  His wife is from England, I think they owned and operated a Bed and Breakfast.

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