Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday morning was a stay at home morning.  We toured the Burns plantation and crops.  They are very self sufficient in vegetables and fruits.  Tomatoes are plentiful and each time I pass a plant I pick one and drop it in my mouth.  They are incredibility sweet. 

Wally and Jean are heading to US and Canada in July so their growing season is winding down – a reminder to Pat to visit in the NZ summer.  Lemons, Limes, Bananas, Oranges, KiKi, Avocados and many more grown freely and plentiful.  Wally is also growing potatoes, rhubarb, pumpkin, squash, cucumber and too many to mention here. 

In the afternoon we travel to the local "Quarry Garden".  In 1940 the Hardie Brothers established the quarry using the rock to build the Quarry Garden (Gerrit and Pat)Whau Valley Dam and roads.  In 1974 The Winstones took over the quarry and in 1976 donated the 24 hectare site to the Whangarei City council where it was used as a dump and neglected.  In 1997 The "Friends of the Quarry Gardens" was formed and they began clearing the site.  In 1998 the first building was installed.  Now there is a dam and a lake has been built along with a wonderful garden called "Five Senses".  A new Arid garden is being Quarry Garden - Rotary Centennial Footbridgecompleted.  The area of water, plants, rock, walking tracks is just amazing.  All of this is being maintained and created by volunteers.


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