Tuesday March 24 2009 – Cairns Day 9

"A traveler without knowledge is a bird without wings" Sa’Di

A century ago, Cairns (pronounced Kans) was a "wild west" ("wild east"?) style gold rush town.  Prospecting supply shops and saloons IMGP3125 cropped up as fast as hopeful gold-seekers arrived at the port.  The pioneer legacy lingers in the city’s plantation-style buildings but it has a first class wharf (200 cruise ships visit every year), and the international airport is a short drive from the city.  The Esplanade is just loaded with picnic tables and benches and a fabulous pool.

It’s incredibly hot here today, with temperatures in the low 30C’s thanks in part to an overnight rain shower; the humidity has risen substantially making it feel like high 30’s. 

We were off the ship around 10am this morning and immediately sought out a pharmacy.  Gert’s allergies are worse again this morning, partly due to people bathing in fragrances.  We spoke to a pharmacist and she recommended a nasal spray, so we’re hoping that will work.  We’re also staying away from smokers and people who bathe in fragrances.

IMGP3138 IMGP8926






Cairns, is heavily focused on the tourism industry and offers a lot of different attractions ie. diving; tours; snorkelling etc.  We looked at purchasing some snorkelling gear – we’re hooked based on yesterdays awesome experience at the Reef.

Because it was so hot and Gert wasn’t feeling the greatest we headed back to the ship shortly after noon.  We’ve had lunch and Gert’s taking a nap.  Dinner is booked for 8pm tonight.  I wrote some postcards and got them mailed so look out for something in the mail – probably won’t arrive until we get back end of May :-).

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