Tuesday May 5, 2009 Cruising Day 51

4a019227_328d_0 At approximately 9:00pm last night we cast off our lines.  We are now outside Tokyo Wan (Bay) and entering an Easterly course, around Chiba entering the Northern Pacific Ocean.  For the remainder of the day we’ll parallel the coast of Japan and continue our voyage on a northerly course to our next port of call Hakodate.

There’s something wrong with the heater in the pool in the middle of the ship.  It’s steaming!! We’ll all been advised not to try putting our toes in it as I think it will be quite hot.  So the pool is closed.  I’ve gone to the stores on board the ship and purchased a T-shirt and pair of shorts.  Not that I’ll get to wear them any time soon as the temperature is really dropping.

Gerrit has found a book in the library called “The Code Book” by Simon Singh and I’ve lost him to the book.  Every once in a while, he’ll start laughing and proceed to tell me about a chapter he’s reading.  Of course, I don’t have a clue what he’s talking about as I’m in my own little world here. 

Thankfully it’s a casual evening so I don’t have to think too hard about what to wear.

I’ve got caught up in all the blog writing and I’m trying to persuade himself into doing the photos.   He says that’s the harder of the two jobs, I beg to differ!

Main hallway We’ve received maps and things to do in Hakodate.  We also received our disembarkation questionnaire re: do you have a flight home in am/pm, are you staying in Vancouver for a few days, are you taking the shuttle to Seattle etc.  We can’t believe we get off the ship May 20th.  We’re staying in Vancouver for a day or two to get organized.  We may have to courier “stuff” home as we know we’re well over the weight limit :-).

Lido restaurant, buffet We’ve been asked the question “What has been the biggest influence or what has been the most memorable thing from the voyage”  If you’ve been reading our blog religiously for the past 2+ months what do you think it is.  Let us know by entering a comment in our blog.

OK must go and see if I can get Gerrit’s nose out of this book and take me for a coffee (or something).

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