Visit to Katwijk aan Zee, Dec 6, 2010

IMGP0707One of Gerrit’s fondest memories is of walking along the North Sea shore with his mother. So today we took the 40 minute bus ride from Leiden to Katwijk aan Zee, a fishing area with wonderful beaches. The weather unfortunately was not conducive to walking along the beach, a cold heavy and dense fog enveloped everything in sight.

Instead of the beach we walked along the upper boulevard, with a detour into the shopping area to look for boots for Pat. Unfortunately the stock of boots was poor, due to a run on them due to the cold weather.

The church of the town was undergoing renovations. It is normally stuccoed bright white, however it is presently without this stucco letting us behold the beautiful stone work.

The boulevard is lined with homes which offer rooms for rent, not very busy at present but bustling in the summer.

IMGP0727 IMGP0723

The beach restaurants were open although none were busy, it seemed mostly local people lunching or drinking coffee. We had a simple lunch at the main hotel, formerly a stately home. Gerrit and Berti had croquettes, Pat had a tomato toastie. Tea and coffee provided some needed warmth, in preparation for the return walk to the bus stop.

IMGP0731 IMGP0732

There is no actual harbour here, the fisher men pulled their boats up on the beach using horses.

On the way back we caught a glimpse of the North Sea. Not very appealing even for a short walk!

IMGP0736 IMGP0737

All in all a very nice day, with brisk winds, healthy sea air and a nice lunch.

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