Wednesday, April 1, 2009 Cruising Day 17

A sea day – a day to recoup from our fabulous trip yesterday and a day to rest for our day in Semarang our last tour in Indonesia.  What a wonderful country this is – the people are wonderful, warm, friendly and always smiling.

There are a few more things to say about Bali.

Vote for our party They are heading to an election in early April. Electioneering is quite an event here. With 44 political parties it is obviously difficult to be remembered. So they use flags and billboards, everywhere. To keep it simple for voting day, the flags all have the ballot line number! there are also roving groups on mopeds, with flags of course and often no mufflers. Quite amazing. Even more amazing is the usual 90+% voter turnout.Electionering, Indonesianstyle






The other observation is just the general hustle and bustle. Here are some photos of life in general:


Tirta Empul







tending a rice field







very tasty fruit salad fruit Mt Batur, inside the 8.5mi crater

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