Wednesday April 15, 2009, Cruising Day 31


Today is another sea day and we spent the majority of the day at the pool just enjoying ourselves.

salmon toast We attended another cooking demo, this time it was Japanese appetizers. No, we are not gaining 2 lbs per week as Eddie suggested would be ok. But we do sample a lot 🙂


And don’t worry, we have copies of all the recipes with us as well as some other surprises for the planned dinners.

cucumber sushi roll

tofu with ginger


Wednesday April 15, 2009, Cruising Day 31 — 5 Comments

  1. That stuff looks amazing 🙂 yum! yum!

    Planned dinners – well that depends on the Oven and Hob still working when you get back! Remember I am using them now and i am rather disaster prone!

  2. I get the sense that meal time is just never going to be the same at your place – even when it’s just the two of you!

    This trip sounds like the perfect blend of leisure and activity.

  3. You two are having a ball .So pleased you are getting recipes.

    Eddie!you may just have to buy new kitchen appliances!! (and be there for our planned dinners too!)

  4. Cost! Cost! Cost! new kitchen appliances 🙁 I Hope not! I will try and keep the “old stuff” going!

    I am always up for a meal though 🙂