Wednesday, April 8, 2009 Cruising Day 24

I’ve found that it simplifies things tremendously if I travel with the goal of seeing things as they are and not as I wish they were. Alan Fox – Vacations To Go (on board Minerva in Antarctica).

Pattaya's resorts and condos Today was relaxed :-).  It’s quite hot after a good nights rain so the humidity level is high.  Unfortunately Pattaya is quite a drive and the taxi’s to there are scarce so for safety sake we decide to stick near the ship.  (They will leave without you unless you are on a ship sponsored tour, happened 2 times to others in the past 3 weeks!).  Gert decides to sleep while I venture off the ship to the local mall or market.  I didn’t actually buy anything as prices were in US dollars – $3 for a fridge magnet – I don’t think so.  They had some electronics which I looked over. 

I noticed one of those netbook’s from HP – I was intrigued, yet couldn’t justify buying one since Gert has a perfectly good HP laptop.  But I’ll keep my eyes open in both Hong Kong and China.  We’re in Ho Chi Minh City on Friday and they are supposed to have amazing deals on electronics.

We spent the day relaxing; opened a bottle of wine we’d purchased in Sydney (a nice Pinot Grigio by Barefoot) which went down very well.  We’ve noticed the portion size of the meals getting larger and are opting to take only an appetizer and salad or soup for supper at night.  Apparently many of the Americans complained the portions where too small so they’ve upped them.  We found out later that we can ask for 1/2 portion (which we’ll do going forward). 

Dry docksPart of the container port Laem  Chabang






Trucks leaving

Armed escort






The port itself is just amazing, you could spend hours watching the activity. A huge tanker being built in the distance, several ships in dry docks and a continuous stream of container ships coming and going. They worked all night on one Mearsk ship, it arrived in the morning and was gone by the  next morning. This is also a port for importing and exporting cars.

On our way out of the port we again had a police escort, this time armed with a .50 cal machine gun! No issue with pirates here we think.

Lightning strike, ala Vietnam This evening we watched an awesome storm front move in as we left Thailand.  The lightening was just magnificent – Gert captured some great photos.  One thing we’ve noticed is the storms here are pretty intense.  The cloud formations are just amazing and quite frightening in a way.


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  1. The perfect storm! great Pic 🙂 Interesting visit and I like the Police escort, but are you sure they were not there to ensure you lot stayed on board!

    Happy sailing!