Wednesday, March 11, 2009

IMGP7891 Wednesday, Wally drove us to The Bay of Islands and Russell thru KawaKawa.  He’s a terrific driver and we (Gert and I) feel very safe with him, considering he’s driving on the wrong side of the road. 

We took a ferry to Opua and then drove back along the highway.  My goodness, but the scenery is just breathtaking.  The hills and valleys IMGP7960remind me of Ireland and what I believe Wales would be like (since I’ve never been to Wales).  Stone fences lined the roads while we had to be cautious of mud slides along the roadways – mudslides are quite common.  The weather today was about 25C and I’m plastered in 30+ sun-block because the ozone layer is quite thin overhead.  The water views are just spectacular – the water is clear and blue and surprisingly for it being the New Zealand winter is warm.     

Wednesday evening we drove to a fabulous restaurant called "TopIMGP1978 Sail".  Jean’s son Andrew knows the chef and owner.  The meal was just marvellous.  Gerrit had a venison cut with a brandy sauce that was just to die for although my cut of meat – pork chop with a cumin sauce was amazing.  Jean had a vegetarian dish, while Wally had the fish – a great evening was had by all.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009 — 1 Comment

  1. You two have been doing the rounds! and its the correct side of the road! Yes your right about the sunburn, watch out for cloudy days, it gets you the same! but i hope you dont have too many cloudy days 🙂