Thursday, March 19, 2009 Sydney

Sydney, Australia – WOW!!!!!!!!

Our ship lost the turbo on one of the main engines going through the Tasman Sea resulting in our being almost 4 hours late into Sydney. This was due to pushing through 12 foot swells all day and IMGP2489 night.  The Volendam is docked in the most coveted spot in the harbour “Circular Quay”.  This is at the world famous Sydney Opera House and  the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  We’ve docked and on our way to our first organized tour.

We boarded our bus to go to the Koala and Kangaroo centre.  (It’s about 45 minutes drive from the IMGP8308 dock).  I got to feed a Koala and scratch a Kangaroo.  We saw many different types of birds including cockatoo’s, small penguins and Dingo’s.  IMGP8338

Later we stopped at the site of the 2000 Australian Olympic games.  They have round pillar monuments listing  all the volunteers who helped during these Olympics (saw quite a few Scully’s).


Later we took a ferry back to Circular quay and made our way uptown IMGP8436 IMGP2638

to see the awesome architecture in Sydney.  They have a lovely mix of old and contemporary.  It’s a lovely mix that works well together here.  We visited the Queen Victoria Building; Sydney parliament, The Barracks museum and part of Hyde Park. Took too many photos during the 8 km walk! We’ll bore you with those in the slide shows 🙂

We ate dinner at a little bistro – the food was very good but the service was uncharacteristically awful.  We kept asking for service – got IMGP8488 some eventually, and then waited almost 20 minutes to get the bill – finally just got up and went to walk out of the restaurant – some of service then :-). But the views were great.

What was just amazing was the “BATS” – yep Bats.  There is a HUGE population of bats in Sydney – while we were eating dinner I saw this large “bird” and asked Gerrit “What’s that?” He just turned and smiled in that lovely way that says “You really don’t want to know”.  Well I was shocked – however it became impossible not to look as thousands of Bats took to the night sky.  All the other birds immediately disappeared – and they disappeared fast.  The bats eat all the moths and bugs in the air.  It was hard not to see the beauty of these animals in the air.  They are considerably larger than the bats we get back in Toronto.  They never land (says one Australian – who seemed to know).  Thank God or you wouldn’t have seen me for dust.


Well we’re back in our cabin now and ready to turn out the lights –

As we look out our cabin we look on the lovely Sydney Opera House that’s View from cabinno more than 200 metres from our  window.  Wow!! how thankful and blessed are we.


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  1. Can we see some photos of your cabin on the ship? Some of us have never been on one before!