Sea Day–Feb 28, 2013


A day at sea, restful but never boring. Today there is a demo in the Lido pool of the various life saving equipment onboard.IMGW0601

First up, a demo of the life ring and then the method of warming up a victim who is just out of the water. A second human body is still the most effective way to warm someone up. Survival suits can be donned in less than 1.5 minutes, even by someone who has never done so before. These provide flotation and protection from cold water. A group of 4 people in these suits can easily provide a means to move someone from water to a life raft by letting them crawl over top of them.

IMGW0607 IMGP7660

Next up was a demo of righting an upside down life raft. There are straps provided on the bottom to perform this easily. Of course you will get wet again by doing this but at least you can get all 25 people into the raft afterwards.

IMGP7666 IMGP7672

Several hours later we spotted a huge object in the distance. As we neared it, it was obvious that this was the largest floating dry dock ship in the world, the Dockside Vanguard. This was transporting a drilling platform to Corpus Christi.



Sea Day–Feb 28, 2013 — 2 Comments

  1. Nice to see this sort of thing going on after the Costa I would imagine a lot more is now being made of it! Pay attention 🙂