Singapore–Mar 1, 2013

The second visit to Singapore on this cruise. Not quite as good as an overnight but it is not a huge hardship being here again.

We bought a suitcase to deal with the purchases made over the length of the cruise. This is always a fun problem, getting your stuff home Smile We also bought Pat a smartphone after trying mine out for a while. We are both now in the 21st century. There are good deals to be had right in the terminal near the customs exit. Pat has an excellent mani/pedi with shoulder massage upstairs on the 3rd floor at a shop called Quiche Spa. The gel type polish lasts a lot longer and has a wonderful shine to it.


We are off the China town again in the late afternoon. Wandering around we enjoy the sights and smells as usual.

IMGP7716 IMGP7720

IMGP7722Dinner is in the night food market on Smith Street. After wandering along the outside food stalls (and ignoring the pleas from the restaurants on the opposite side of the street we pick a spot. Five minutes later we have 2 plates of freshly cooked food in front of us. Pat gets a beer at another spot (each specializes in something). Her mussels get filtered out (Pat doesn’t like them) but they do not go to waste. When the table gets cleared, those scraps go to a nearby pregnant cat. Gourmet dining for everyone. On the way Pat bought 9 sticks of chicken sate, 3 of which go to the cat. We miss our babies a lot!

IMGP7728 IMGP7726
IMGP7737 IMGP7727

IMGP7733Another wonderful visit, mostly of a practical nature this time.


Singapore–Mar 1, 2013 — 2 Comments

  1. Happy Birhday Pat for 10th. Hope your day is great! Thinking of you

  2. Glad to hear that Pat has gone from analog to digital. Jole lost her phone and I thought it might be the opportunity to get her an I Phone, like mine. Well she spent all of $15 to get a “dumb phone” replacement — didn’t even have bluetooth to mate to the auto GPS (which had bluetooth.

    We loved Singapore and it sounds like you did too. The colors in the city really pop on your blog. Nice photos. Hope everyone is well. We really miss travelling with you two.