De Librije Dinner–Mar 6, 2013

All of the HAL ships have a Le Cirque dinner available several times during longer cruises. Le Cirque is of course a famous restaurant in New York City. We have had several of these on the MS Rotterdam, all delicious and well presented.

Special on the MS Rotterdam is De Librije dinners. This restaurant, located in Zwolle, has 3 Michelin stars.IMGW0631

The menu:IMGW0634

IMGW0637 IMGW0635
IMGW0641 IMGW0639
IMGW0644 IMGW0643
IMGW0646 IMGW0648

Gerrit’s choices are on the left, Pat’s on the right.

Each course is served with 2 oz of wine that is specifically brought on for De Librije meals. While 2oz doesn’t sound like much, it is actually enough!

The flavours are as amazing as the presentation. We are very glad to have had the opportunity to sample this menu.


De Librije Dinner–Mar 6, 2013 — 1 Comment

  1. WOW! Top marks for presentation!

    I guess I know two people on a diet come April 🙂

    PS Did I see a thumb print on that knife?