Salalah–Mar 16, 2013

This is our second visit here. This will be a short post because we didn’t actually go anywhere. When that happens I don’t bother posting anything but our readers deserve to be warned about this place.IMGP8848


IMGP8819Before we even got off the ship (we didn’t rush breakfast Smile) we saw people coming back from the main gate. Stories abounded of extortionist prices for taxis to town. The prices make Muscat sound like a bargain. Think $110 return to the city as a starting point! Some people were able to negotiate down and had a somewhat ok experience but overall is it worth visiting this port?.

HAL has apparently complained to the tourism board because they were also prevented from running a shuttle service, probably taxi unions. As with many unions, their greed results in their members losing money as very few people actually made use of their services. As you can tell from this post, it is not a new problem. On our Survey for the cruise we suggested that HAL cancel visits to Salalah, it is a waste of time, and of our cruise fees!

Our recommendation here is to arrange a car/van before you arrive. The city is apparently interesting and there are other things to see in the area. And you can always play it safe with a HAL tour.

We entertained ourselves by watching activity in the harbour. There was a Spanish Navy ship in port and towards the end of the day a training ship from the Indian Navy arrived. Gerrit thinks we have seen this one in a previous port as well.

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  1. Seems to be a waste of port fees to visit here!

    The Indian Navy ship is INS Suvarna and no you have not seen this ship before on your travels. You did see a sister build ship but in Colombo! SLNS Sayura flagship of the Sri Lanka Navy which was built for the Indian Navy but sold to Sri Lanka in 2000.

    The Spanish warship is frigate Méndez Núñez which is returning to Spain having taken part in Operation Atalanta of the African Coast escorting World Food Program supply ships, and patrolling of the Somalian Coast.