Hands on Cooking with Hein Willemsen–Mar 13, 2013

It has been a while since we cooked with a guest chef. This is in fact the first time on this cruise. We will take some credit for getting guest chefs on board, it didn’t seem as if anything was planned from the beginning. Regardless, we have an excellent chef to guide us. Hein Willemsen used to own/operate a restaurant in Holland for 17 years but now he produces a delicious mustard/dill sauce. He attained Holland’s highest level in 1986 as Master Chef.IMGW0708

The menu: Papilotte of Salmon Fillet, Tuna with Green Asparagus, Sweet-sour cucumber ribbons and Chocolate cake with sugared pineapple. Hein takes a different approach to most of the guest chefs, he runs through each recipe with us before we start cooking. This is a refreshing change as it means that although we each work on 1 course, we get to see the details of the other 3. As a further enhancement, we each have to make a papilotte.

IMGW0685 IMGW0697
IMGW0698 IMGW0705

IMGW0703I won’t bore you with the recipes for each, except to say that the papilotte is fascinating. You take 2 sheets of aluminum foil, brush butter along the edge of one sheet. Overlap the other sheet on top to join the two together. Brush butter on the combined sheet. Place shredded, blanched leek, celeriac, carrot, zucchini, sweet red pepper on the foil. Then lay a piece of cod or salmon. Fold as per papilotte instructions and bake in oven at 450F for 15 minutes. Place on persons plate, they get to open it themselves by pulling the package apart. Impressive and delicious!

IMGW0690 IMGW0692

An excellent choice of guest chef and a lot of excellent lessons as well. The major difference is that he was there to share and teach, not sell his latest book or whatever. Very down to earth, and not full of himself. Let there be more EU guest chefs !!!!

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