Planning, planning, planning

Sometimes you don’t need to plan for a trip, e.g. if it is a short business one to a familiar place. And then there are voyages, which seem to be defined by days>30.

We track our action items on an Activities Checklist (from TimeDesign) adding things when they spring to mind. Check them off once dealt with.

An example of our list:

  • Visas as required
  • Immunizations as required
  • Arrange hotel at trip end point (to acclimatize to reality)
  • Decide on and arrange pre-booked excursions
  • Unlock cellphone, get an affordable sim card for world use
  • Wireless hotspot subscription
  • Deal with things such as tax returns if it is that time of year (avoid penalties!!!)
  • Backup PC and laptop to offsite
  • Fill your mp3 player
  • Blank DVD’s for photos
  • Empty stuff off laptop to make room for photos
  • Bring batteries, charger, card reader and cables for all your gadgets
  • Ensure you have enough prescription drugs for the duration, and some to spare
  • Allergy tablets just in case
  • Arrange house sitter, do a get-to-gether to intro your sitter to neighbours
  • Pre-print labels for postcards
  • Do a test pack a week or 2 before leaving. Do final pack several days before departure
  • Notify credit card companies of your plans, avoid being declined
  • Arrange adequate funds to cover auto payments, such a electric and phone bills
  • Copies of passports, visas, credit cards, etc. One with you, one for home
  • Test your offline blogging tools before leaving
  • Bring calling cards, for those interesting people you will meet