Penang–Mar 3, 2013

Today we are fortunately in a port where the city is close by. No need for shuttle busses or taxis. This is an active port with large ferries coming and going along with other cruise ships. As a result the MS Rotterdam has to tender us in. But later in the day the ship will dock, swapping places with Crystal Symphony!IMGP7884

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Singapore–Mar 1, 2013

The second visit to Singapore on this cruise. Not quite as good as an overnight but it is not a huge hardship being here again.

We bought a suitcase to deal with the purchases made over the length of the cruise. This is always a fun problem, getting your stuff home Smile We also bought Pat a smartphone after trying mine out for a while. We are both now in the 21st century. There are good deals to be had right in the terminal near the customs exit. Pat has an excellent mani/pedi with shoulder massage upstairs on the 3rd floor at a shop called Quiche Spa. The gel type polish lasts a lot longer and has a wonderful shine to it.


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Ujung Padang–Feb 24, 2013

Today we are meeting up with Iful, our assistant dining steward on the 4 month Grand World Voyage in 2011. Iful was the one who introduced us to the pleasures of fresh ginger tea after dinner. When we planned the cruise he was living in Jakarta but then moved to Makassar. Makassar is the largest city on Sulawesi island, one of 17000+ islands that make up Indonesia.

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Komodo Island–Feb 23, 2013

Komodo Island is a repeat destination for us but it had lots of surprises for us. The plan today is a guided walking tour (the only kind available, no wandering about here) and then snorkelling at a nearby beach. Interestingly the inhabitants are descended from exiled convicts, a theme that we see often in our travels. The draw is of course the Komodo dragons. TheseIMGP7149

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